My name is Kai Horan and I am an Austin based user experience & user interface designer. this is where I hang my work. hope you enjoy.


Hi, I’m Kai. Yes it rhymes. 

I'm in currently the Lead UX/UI Designer for Sherri Hill in Austin, TX. Starting on the design side and evolving towards a more user centric career, my work displayed on here may range. My intention is to highlight projects that portray my various unique strengths which may not all fit into one category. Sacrilegious to show more than just UX I know, how dare I wish to dabble. Well idle hands have never been my problem so please sit back and enjoy these small windows into the ecosystem that is my brain. 


I also have this weird love of drawing people. The face is the most interesting subject I have found. In retrospect I probably should have seen a UX career coming. To see more, check out my sketch book.


Figure drawing and fashion illustrations are a side passion I do to feed my soul. If that is what led you to my site I would absolutely love to hear about it! Shoot me a message or just follow me on Instagram @wine_and_ink. I'm very benevolent with my double-taps. <3